March 14, 2017


Dear Michelle,
 Thank you for the wonderful job you did in teaching Zoey and me in the Rover Refinement Class. As I mentioned to you, Zoey is a puppy mill survivor and I think the class was invaluable to her in learning social skills and teaching her many important commands and some potentially life saving ones. Although I thought I knew a lot about being a good dog parent before I took the class, I learned many things from you. I believe I will be a much better pack leader now. I only wish the class period ran for more weeks.
As I also mentioned to you, I have been volunteering at the NSAL for the past three years. I wish the NSAL would mention this terrific class to all of the volunteers so that the volunteers can, in turn, let potential adopters know about this class. If I had not recently adopted Zoey and made inquiries at the NSAL, I may not have heard about this class. As we all know, too many dogs are surrendered to shelters and too many dogs lose their lives because of the dog parents’ failure to properly train their dogs. I think that this course or others like it are wonderful tools to help address this problem. I would encourage the NSAL to educate the staff and volunteers about this course so they can pass it along to adopters and, perhaps, post some information about this class on the website to also get the word out.
 Finally, I would love to volunteer some time with the behavior department of the NSAL to help teach dogs how to walk on a leash and learn some basic commands. This could, in turn, help make dogs more adoptable and make it easier for adopters to train their dogs. I bet there may be other volunteers who would be interested like I am in helping to train dogs. 
Again, Zoey and I thank you for teaching us some tools to have a better relationship.