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My husband and I adopted our mixed breed puppy, Kona, in August. Knowing that she was going to be bigger than any dog we had ever owned, we decided some formal training would be helpful. After speaking with many trainers who we felt were looking for the "quick solution" to training or simply relying on a shock collar, we were put in touch with Michelle and Ain't Misbehavin' Canine Academy. Immediately, we felt that Michelle would be the right match for Kona and us. Her philosophy of balanced, positive reinforcement training and teaching us to work correctly with Kona were exactly what we were looking for. We began training when Kona was three months and over the course of seven lessons, she learned many useful commands- including "come", "sit", "stay" and "place." More importantly, Kona learned good leash manners, including not pulling out of the door and walking by our side. Each week, Michelle came prepared to teach Kona a new skill and also address any behavioral concerns we were having. Kona enjoyed her time working with Michelle and we were amazed at the progress she made and the skills she learned. Michelle is truly a talented trainer who helped us every step of the way, was available to answer any questions that came up and helped us have a well-behaved puppy. We highly recommend Ain't Misbehavin' Canine Academy to anyone who is looking for a skilled, dedicated, patient trainer. Thank you, Michelle!

Dana, Nick and Kona C

Dear Michelle, Just had to write to say thank you for the super job you did training Lacie, my 6 month old cockapoo, (and me ,too). We just got back from spending Thanksgiving week at my in-laws' home in Morrow, Ohio. At one point, there were 40 adults and 19 children of various ages in the house. There was also a year old Jack Russell, a ten year old pug and a black lab visiting. Not once during the week did I have to worry about my pet. To my great pleasure, Lacie was by far the most well-behaved, friendly, little, lady any pet owner could want. Everyone marveled at how easily she adapted to the household and how quickly she responded to every command. They could not believe she was so well trained at 6 months old! Sadly, the same could not be said of the other dogs who did not have the benefit of Ain't Misbehavin' training. My sister-in-law absolutely fell in love with her and my brother-in-law, who believes dogs belong outdoors on the farm, invited her for a return visit. Of course all the kudos goes to you and your well-planned,loving training methods. I would never have been able to have such a relaxed time with my family if Lacie had not had such a great foundation for proper behavior. Even the drive from New York to Ohio, with a stay in a hotel there and on the way home, was a breeze. Once again, Lacie and I thank you for the love, time and patience you had while teaching us how to be a great puppy with a very happy owner.

Sincerely, M C

I would like to take this opportunity to let every dog owner know that this program is great for dogs! I had a 8 wk old Siberian Husky named Koda who can, which comes with the breed, be very crazy at times. The trainer came to my house and also took Koda along with me to fun places to train. He is now 6 1/2 months and people can not believe how good he is. He sits, does down, stay's, come's, goes to his "place"., and a few other things which accounts for basic obedience training. I highly recommend this program! I hope this brings in more business for you. I also sent your card to the vet. I went out today and got a rolled leather collar for Koda, It actually matches his leather one I got from you! Yay! Well, Thanks again for everything, I couldn't have done it without you. You taught me a lot and hopefully it will all stay well with the little guy. When you get a chance b/c I know you are busy, send me his Graduation pictures!! I want to frame one with his certificate of completion! I know, I's a loony tune!

Thanks, T

Dear Michelle,
 Thank you for the wonderful job you did in teaching Zoey and me in the Rover Refinement Class. As I mentioned to you, Zoey is a puppy mill survivor and I think the class was invaluable to her in learning social skills and teaching her many important commands and some potentially life saving ones. Although I thought I knew a lot about being a good dog parent before I took the class, I learned many things from you. I believe I will be a much better pack leader now. I only wish the class period ran for more weeks.
As I also mentioned to you, I have been volunteering at the NSAL for the past three years. I wish the NSAL would mention this terrific class to all of the volunteers so that the volunteers can, in turn, let potential adopters know about this class. If I had not recently adopted Zoey and made inquiries at the NSAL, I may not have heard about this class. As we all know, too many dogs are surrendered to shelters and too many dogs lose their lives because of the dog parents' failure to properly train their dogs. I think that this course or others like it are wonderful tools to help address this problem. I would encourage the NSAL to educate the staff and volunteers about this course so they can pass it along to adopters and, perhaps, post some information about this class on the website to also get the word out.
 Finally, I would love to volunteer some time with the behavior department of the NSAL to help teach dogs how to walk on a leash and learn some basic commands. This could, in turn, help make dogs more adoptable and make it easier for adopters to train their dogs. I bet there may be other volunteers who would be interested like I am in helping to train dogs. 
Again, Zoey and I thank you for teaching us some tools to have a better relationship.


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